overhead view of couple moving in to new home and using wireless internet on tablet computer

If you are anticipating moving in your near future, creating a checklist of “to-dos” beforehand is the best way to ensure that you are prepared and will also help you stay organized. We have compiled a sample list of items to add to your moving checklist.

Phase 1 (about 2 months prior to your move)

    Have a garage sale or donate old and unused items
    Research moving companies
    Make a folder that contains all receipts, inventory and other estimates
    Organize school records, doctor records, bills, etc.

Phase 2 (about 6 weeks prior to your move)

    Collect all moving supplies such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc.
    Use up all disposable items such as food and cleaning supplies or throw away
    Measure your new home to make sure your furniture will fit

Phase 3 (about 1 month prior to your move)

    Start packing - pack the least used items first
    Label each box for the room it belongs in, i.e. “kitchen supplies”
    Choose your mover and schedule your moving date
    Pack valuables that you want to take with you separately
    Change your address at the local post office or online
    Alert important parties of your move such as your employer, banks, doctors, schools, insurance, etc.

Phase 4 (about 2 weeks prior your move)

    If you are driving, give your car a tune-up, especially if you are driving far
    Contact the moving company to confirm the date
    Clear out your safe-deposit box if you have one

Phase 5 (1 week prior to your move)

    Pack the last few items in suitcases, such as clothes
    Stock up on any prescriptions

Phase 6 (a few days prior to your move)

    Double check details such as directions to your new home for the movers and contact information, etc.
    If you are taking your refrigerator, defrost the freezer
    Pack your carry-on with snacks and entertainment for the trip

Phase 7 (moving day)

    Verify that the moving truck you hired is the right one to avoid scams
    Take inventory of your items before the movers leave to ensure that you have everything