Why Wine Storage Is Important

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or a new collector of wine, you will learn that wine is only as good as how it is stored. If you’re interested in discovering the benefits of wine storage, take a look below.

Temperature Controlled Storage Units

Temperature has a dramatic effect on wine, for better or worst. Storing your wine in the right temperature is crucial for its preservation. Because the right temperature is key to a premier, flavorful wine, we make sure to keep your wine storage at a normal temperature, so your wine doesn't suffer from extreme temperatures. If your home gets really hot in the summer or cold in the winter, having wine storage is very useful for storing your wine.

No Natural Light

Another benefit of wine storage is that there is no natural light that will negatively affect the wine over time. Prolonged exposure to light breaks down and ruins the wine’s flavor. If you enjoy collecting wine, you may want to invest in wine storage so you can avoid the flat taste of wine that has suffered from exposure to light for too long.


Are you a part of a wine club or membership where you receive bottles of your favorite wines? Whether you want to save bottles for a celebration or holiday coming up, or perhaps you receive more than you can drink within a certain period of time, having wine storage is essential for preserving them so that you can enjoy them when you are ready. Wine storage is highly convenient not only for keeping your kitchen clean, but also for preserving your wine in its best condition.

Avoid ruining a perfectly good wine because of unsuitable temperature and sunlight. Achieve extra space in your kitchen and retain deliciously fresh wine with our premier wine storage units. Contact us today for more information!

*Our storage units are temperature controlled, but do not provide humidity control.