Better For Business

Having adequate storage for your extra business inventory, documents, equipment, etc., is beneficial for your company, as well as your own mental clarity. Not only will a clean office, free from piles of papers or unused furniture, look more professional it will also improve the flow of everyday work functions and increasing productivity. Knowing that your important and valuable work items are in a secure storage facility will also give you peace of mind that they are safe.

Extension of Your Business

Our storage facilities are like an extension of your business. Whether your office at work is too cramped or your home office is too small and you are overwhelmed with the clutter, we can help. When you have extra furniture, inventory, or sensitive business records, getting rid of them may not be feasible, which is why obtaining business storage is often the best solution.

Our Units Unique Features

With our heated and temperature controlled storage units in a variety of sizes, you can safely store your files, computers, and other sensitive items from harsh weather temperatures. We even have oversized units perfect for contractors who need a place to store equipment when it’s not in use. Our storage units have all the best security features to ease your mind. With numerous state of the art security cameras, keypad entry and exit, and door locks and alarms on each unit, you will feel confident that your belongings are safe.

Special Deliveries Welcomed

We also proudly provide full drop shipment services (FedEx, UPS, etc.). We’ll even store special deliveries while you’re out servicing your customers.

Don’t let a cramped and cluttered office weigh you down and cause you stress from the disorganization. Gain control of your business and benefit from our optimal business storage. For more information, contact us today!