About Climate Controlled Storage

We are proud to offer climate-controlled storage units for your convenience and benefit. Because many sensitive and valuable items are ruined in extreme cold or heat, it is crucial to have climate-controlled storage that will preserve them, especially if you have items that are in long-term storage.

Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

  • Heated in the winter
  • Air conditioned in the summer
  • Great for residential, business and document storage

Ideas of items to store in temperature controlled storage:

  • Important documents, files, records
  • Wine
  • Computers and other electronics
  • Photo books or other books
  • Bedding and mattresses
  • Leather items
  • Metal appliances
  • Bikes
  • Musical instruments
  • Clothes or upholstery

Why Temperature Controlled Storage Is Important

Sensitive items can experience a wide range of problems when exposed to extreme cold or hot temperatures. If you have wooden antiques or furniture it can suffer cracking, tearing, warping or breaking in these harsh temperatures. For papers and fabrics, mold and mildew stains may appear if the climate is not controlled. Fabrics may also suffer yellowing and degradation, so storing old baby clothes or important outfits, such as your wedding dress, etc., in storage is essential.

About Our Storage Facilities

We make an effort to keep our storage facilities extremely clean for your comfort. With excellent security and other wonderful amenities, we are a popular choice for premier storage solutions. We also offer several storage sizes to accommodate your specific needs.

Ensure that your valuable belongings are protected and avoid a plethora of issues by obtaining climate-controlled storage. To learn more, contact our friendly and knowledgeable specialists today!

*Our storage units are temperature controlled, but do not provide humidity control.